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(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,
(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,


A Little About The Writer  


I am Rachel Sutherland and this is me with my son Joseph, after the final performance of 'Where Are You Saint Patrick?' I am thrilled to bring you my plays: "History Rocks!" (Suitable for all schools) and "Where Are You Saint Patrick?" (Suitable for Catholic and Christian schools), "Mindcraft The Musical" (Version 1: All Schools, Version 2: Chrisitian schools) and  "Easter Mystery Un-shroude" (short & full plays) (Suitable for Christian Schools, coming soon 2020).

I know your school will enjoy them as much as we have. As the writer and director of the plays, I am honoured to share them with you, and know you will enjoy the creative journey, as much as we did. 


I am a teacher, writer, director, singer and cellist and have always had a passion for acting and the arts. I grew up in Yorkshire, England in a large musical family and have my parents to thank for my zeal for music and acting. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, to create and share these wonderful plays with you.


I would like to thank the teachers, students and wider communities of Taupo and Broadlands, New Zealand, who helped bring these show together. I am ever grateful to my wonderful husband Daniel, who supported me through my creative and busy times, and my son Joseph who has been my 'Minecraft Consultant and YouTube video creator!' Thank you to Joseph's friends who have assisted me in my voice memos for schools. Thank you to my sister Liz Osokin for her help re- creating our late fathers songs, for 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded', and to Bri Hilton, for her wonderful piano performances for this album. Thank you to Joseph Sutherland for his assistance as sound technician and bassist on this project. 



Content copyright 2014-19 by R. Sutherland, Take A Bow Productions Ltd © All rights reserved.




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