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Brand New: The show kids are raving about:

'Mindcraft The Musical'

© 2017: By Rachel Sutherland. All rights reserved. Based on the game

'Minecraft' by Mojang, not associated with or connected to Mojang products or services.


Presenting: 'Mindcraft The Musical' 

(Based on the game 'Minecraft' by Mojang - Not in association with or connected to Mojang Products)

A hilarious adventure battling baddies in the 'Minecraft' world, with cyber safety and virtues themes that all students will love!

We have fantastic suggested tunes with (*clean, parody lyrics) from great artists including:

Adele, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Lukas Graham, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Meghan Trainor, The Baha Men, Christina Aguilara and A Great Big World.

Massive Sale

Great Prices!

Save 50% 

Enjoy the 60 Day Risk-Free trial of our Digital Production Pack. Check out our amazing price of only $99 NZD, or email for a quote in your currency. (Full price now $198 NZD, save an amazing $99 NZD *not including GST, NZ customers only). Click 'The PRICE Drop down menu' for your country or contact us for a quote.

"Mindcraft The Musical is an amazing script and the characters and story are very cool indeed. The podcast of the script is fantastic, and the free timesavers make rehearsals much easier. I'm really excited about directing this amazing production, and the student's love this funny play, thanks!"  (Aimee Elliott - Director-Teacher - Broadlands Primary School. N.Z -  2017)


  •  'MINDCRAFT THE MUSICAL'  Digital School Production Package.                   

  • *50% off full price of $198 now an amazing $99 (plus GST in N.Z only).

  • 60 Day Risk-Free Trial - No payment for the Digital Production Pack until after 60 days.

  • No up front costs if performing the show. Option to delay payment of the pack until after school production season ends, with our 'Production Details Form'.

  • Easy cancellation of your order within the 60 days with our 'Cancellation Form'.

  • The amazing  *clean songs are available to be purchased seperately from iTunes for under $30 NZD using our easy suggested song list, and instructions in the pack.

  • See out terms and conditions page for more information.

SYNOPSIS: "Journey with our modern family (and the dog) on their hilarious and emotional adventure being sucked into the cyber world of 'Minecraft'. Watch their stunning battle with barbarous baddies to save their children from the digital dangers of the Ender Dragon, to break from his empty promises and crafty mind control tricks.      


Will the family have the will power and virtues to wake up from the Ender Dragon's hypnotic powers of online addiction and harmful media messages, in time to escape their digital dungeon, mend broken relationships, and find hope and happiness back in reality?" 

Copyright 2017. By R. Sutherland. All rights reserved 


WHEN YOU ORDER: There are two versions of the same great story to choose from, to suit your school community:                             

  • Version 1: (All schools) Non religious, virtues & cyber safety themes.

  • Version 2: (Christian Schools) Virtues, cyber safety and some religious themes.   

  • *Please indicate your choice of version 1 or 2 when you order. 

  • *We only email one free trial read of our production packages within 60 days. 

Mindcraft The Musical cast - Woodstock S

'Take A Bow Productions Ltd' are proud to provide your school or organisation with "An unmissable school script, which provides highly engaging learning opportunities in the arts and cross curricular areas, for all students". 'Mindcraft The Musical' is written by a teacher with a passion for the performing arts, great music and an appreciation of students' motivation to learn with all things 'Minecraft' .


      A UNIQUE, GREAT VALUE for money, READY TO USE, production package


  • Specially designed as a musical for students, ages 5-12 or 13-16 (Younger students will enjoy being pigs, sheep, witches and hostile mobs.)

  • Suitable for large or small schools. (Examples of casting included, for schools from 3 to 7+ classes. Length 100 minutes. 

  • 11 Leads, 4 Minor leads and great acting, dancing and singing opportunities for classes, including: 'Zombie Villagers', 'Witches', 'Creepers', 'Wolves-Dogs', 'Endermen', and other optional baddies.

  • Audiences will love the specially chosen recommended songs with *clean lyrics provided, available for purchase separately from iTunes, including: 

  • Adele, Ed Sheeran, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Mehgan Trainer, Christina Aguilera & Great Big World and more... (Suggested iTunes song information provided in the package). 

  • Watch your student's creativity explode in the performing arts, with this topic where they are the experts!

  • Observe 'shy' students and those with 'extra learning needs' shine, as they enthusiastically design and make props and costumes for this motivational school production.

  • Enjoy excellent 'learning opportunities' for your 'gifted and talented' students to express themselves and thrive.

  • Our story and characters set in 'Minecraft', provide an excellent 'educational hook' to keep them engaged.

  • Take advantage of our links to 'cross curricular topics'. 'Mindcraft The Musical' captures students' passion for all things 'Minecraft' with 'authentic learning activities' from: Art, drama, music and singing, dance, literacy, digital learning, digital safety, maths, and science. 

  • *'Mindcraft The Musical' Copyright R. Sutherland 2017, is based on the game 'Minecraft' by Mojang - not in association with or connected to Mojang Products.) 



  • *T's & C's for the 60 day trial read, (Copyright rules for safe storage, printing, sharing, or canceling this production package. )

  • 1. PDF: 'Director Script'  (with detailed director notes & tips)

  • 2. PDF: 'Cast' Script and (Unlimited copying for rehearsals once purchased and licensed. )

  • 3. FREE PDF: 'Teacher's Tips, Tricks and Timesavers' booklet, (with amazing time saving documents, props, costumes, learning activities, and tips from the writer-director!)

  • 4. Free private links to our 'Minecraft The Musical' YouTube Playlists of: 

  • Podcast example of the script with character voices, for rehearsal only. 

  • 'Minecraft' themed videos with amended lyrics, for projection and rehearsal of class songs.

  • Choreography Examples and dance suggestions.

  • Examples of projections and background scene music, curtains change music, sound effects.

  • Examples of characters, costumes, set and props for this play.

  • Free cross-curricular learning activities linked to Minecraft, and cyber safety and virtues themes.

  • Amazing *clean songs and amended lyrics linked to the story, by artists including: Adele, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Pink Floyd, Lukas Graham, Metallica, Mehgan Trainer, The Baha Men, Christina Aguilera & great big World and more...  

  • Also (Music Director notes, iTunes 'clean' play list, writers amended lyrics, acting notes, choreography and stage manager notes, projection information, props list and costume examples, cross curricular learning examples and more.)

  • FREE choreography ideas, acting tips, sound and lighting tips, costume and prop examples and tips.

  • Lots of extra FREE goodies including: Projection images for production night projection, tips on using iTunes for your playlist, detailed props and costume list, and more...

  • Ready to use detailed example production timetable and much more ... 

  • FREE cross curricular, educational learning activities and links.

  • FREE Minecraft set and  scenery suggestions. (Most students are also experts here!)



  • This school production can be a great fundraiser for your school, through ticket sales *recommended (12% Royalty on all gross ticket sales, or see our flat fee options.)

  • No payments are required until after the final performance for the season, on return of the 'Production Details Form'. (Or pay for the pack separately, if you wish to share and begin rehearsals before the 60 day trial has ended.)

  • We are so confident that you will love this 'hilarious' and 'moving' play, with 'stunning choreography' that we are happy for you to order it, read it, and if for any reason you are unhappy, simply cancel your order using our 'Cancellation Form' before the *(60 day trial period has ended), and there will be no charge! 

  • FREE documents and examples that will save your staff and school huge amounts of time and money!  

Learning about cyber-safety and virtues has never been so much fun, now they can act, dance and sing with this story that captures their imagination. 

Take A Bow Productions will donate $5.00 NZ, to 
'The Fred Hollows Foundation'  
with every production staged!


Content copyright  2014-20 by R. Sutherland, Take A Bow Productions Ltd © All rights reserved.




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