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Proudly Presents: The Hit School Production 

'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' Pack

Full & Short plays

(Coming Soon)© 2022  By Rachel Sutherland


 Both plays for the price of one! 
Full Play 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' 90 mins
Short Play "Easter Mystery Passion Play' 40 mins
(Coming Soon)
Christian Schools - Religious Themes

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Great Prices!

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Pre-order now and enjoy our 60 day, risk-free, digital trial, when this production pack is published. Contact us fo our amazing PRICES for where you live. 


'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' - School Production Digital Package

2 plays, free timesavers & learning activities for the price of one!

Production Pack includes both:

1. Full play 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' (90 mins) Age 7-12, 13-17. See our synopsis on home pg.

2. Short play 'Easter Mystery Passion Play' (40 mins) Age 7-12, 13-17. See our synopsis on home pg.

3. Free Timesavers and Tips

4. Free learning activities, information and links.

*50% Off: 60 Day Risk-Free Trial Read

Introductory price - $99 (NZD)

  • No up front costs or card details! 

  • Easy 'cancellation form'.

  • Original Easter songs will be available on iTunes for separate purchase (under $36 NZD) 

  • See our T's & C's for more info

Once purchased, and licensed you may use our 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' plays and resources for: 


  • School play  (full or short, with ticket sales (best for fundraising) or a flat fee per performance) 

  • Class play 

  • School Assembly  

  • Performance in Church or Easter service  

  • Other performances of this play   

  • 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' songs:

  • Songs for a church congregation  

  • Songs Easter themed events, festivals 

  • Other performances or non school groups 

  • Copy and performance licences: Contact us for the correct licence for your school or organisation. Royalties are required for paying audiences and flat fees may apply to free/gold coin shows. Some religious uses of these shows may be free. (Educational, non public performances, church services). 

  • Timesavers and free educational resources and links:

  • Original Easter music lyrics and tips

  • Timesavers and admin for the plays

  • Gospel themes and quotes

  • The shroud and the media

  • Can faith and science agree?

  • Art history questions linked to the Shroud of Turin

  • Real Shroud of Turin research results and links

  • Shroud history evidence & forensic evidence

  • Scientific and image evidence

  • The carbon date sample problem

  • Further reading, reflections, websites, YouTube, scientific journals.

  • We encourage schools to investigate the Easter gospel message, and the Shroud of Turin. Combine learning activities in literacy, history, science and religious study, also through authentic learning experiences in the Arts (dance, drama and music), for a life changing experience.

  • Use as many times as you like for whole school or class activities. 

  • Do not share any of our copyrighted material, plays or songs with any other third parties or organisations.  

  • We are happy to help with any questions.

Easter Mystery Un-shrouded_edited.jpg
Easter Mystery Un-shrouded-full cloth_ed


'Take A Bow Productions Ltd' are proud to provide your school or organisation with our moving and thought provoking musicals.


1. The 'Full play' 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded' has family scenes discussing the Easter message and the discoveries of the shroud of Turin. The story links in with the themes of the Easter songs and gospel scenes, which are introduced by a narrator.  This full show explores where science and faith meet to discover the mystery of the 'Shroud of Turin' and the amazing scientific evidence it has recently revealed. It follows the family as they discover the amazing links between the shroud and the gospel story, and what it all means for them 2000 years later. The action is set against a rush to answer the art questions before Monday's art presentation is due. 

2. The 'Short play' 'Easter Mystery Passion Play' involves the beautiful songs and moving Easter story, with narration of the gospel message before each scene. (Without the family scenes).  


  • (Full Play) Specially designed as a  musical for schools , age 7-12 or 13-17. (Short Play) designed for age 7-12, or 13-17.

  • The beautiful original  music for this show are based on the Easter Gospel scenes and will be available for purchase from m iTunes directly. There are backing tracks or vocal example tracks to support your performance and rehearsals. 

  • The cast  can be large or small and every class or group will get to support the Easter Scenes with singing, dancing and acting in this 100 minute, or 40 minute production. (Easily amended for smaller schools).

  • There are 7 leads for the family scenes (Full show only), (including a narrator) and 20+ non speaking roles for Jesus, the disciples, Mary and the women, Scribes and Pharisees, Pilot, Roman guards. A large school or cast has plenty of roles for the crowd, dancers, and more.  

  • Smaller schools, or all boys/girls schools, (tips available to amend production for your  school).

  • Fantastic opportunities for your gifted and talented students to shine.

  • Written by a teacher for students. Great non-speaking acting roles.


Learning activities include: Discussion starters, class research topics with notes and links related to the following: The Easter gospel stories, the gospel message for the modern world. The Shroud of Turin Information, scientific and historical research. Art history questions linked to the shroud and much more. Reading suggestions, websites, YouTube links and research linked to the shroud of Turin. Once you research it you will be hooked!  Students will love the CSI style detective work. 

*The educational and learning topics will also include

-The Easter message and gospel quotes.

-A short summary about the shroud of Turin. 

-Art history questions and the shroud of Turin (art fake or miracle?) It is one or the other! 

-Why the famous carbon dating result of the shroud as Middle Ages is in question. 

-The historical evidence of the shroud and it’s date

-The forensic evidence authenticating the shroud.

-The scientific and image evidence of the shroud.

-Great topic starters, questions and website links for the shroud of Turin and more. 

'Seek and you shall find' 


  • Unlimited copying of the  PDF 'Director' and PDF 'Cast' Scripts for BOTH SHOWS (Full and short) for your rehearsals.

  • FREE PDF: 'Teacher's Tips, Tricks and Timesavers' booklet, with amazing time saving documents and tips from the writer/director!

  • FREE choreography examples, acting, blocking, scene layouts, props list, costumes, sound and lighting,  examples and tips.

  • Lots of extra FREE goodies including: Powerpoint examples, tips on using iTunes for your playlist, props and costume list, and more...

  • Ready to use detailed production timetable example, school audition poster, production poster, programmes, tickets and thank you cards!  Just add your school's information.

  • FREE cross curricular, educational learning activities.

  • FREE ideas, props, costumes and scenery.


  • This school production (Full or short) can be a great fundraiser for your school, through ticket sales. (Royalty of 12% of gross ticket sales)

  • No payments are required until after the final performance for the season. (See out terms and conditions for more information.)

  • We are so confident that you will love this 'exciting' and 'funny' play, with 'stunning choreography' that we are happy for you to order it, read it, and if for any reason you are unhappy, simply cancel your order by returning the  'Cancellation Form', within the 60 days return period), and there will be no charge! 

  • FREE documents and examples that will save your staff and school huge amounts of time and money!    

white shroud in tomb.jpeg
shroud on cross.jpeg


The gospel shows us the word of God made flesh in Jesus. We do not need to believe in the Shroud of Turin to have faith in the good news of the gospel. You decide if the Shroud of Turin validates the gospel faithfully and forensically. Authentic shroud of Jesus or art, discover the amazing facts about this ancient burial cloth. See how it illuminates the most important moment in history, sharing it's message of God's sacrifice, forgiveness and love'.  

Take A Bow Productions will donate $5.00 NZ, to 
'The Fred Hollows Foundation'
with every production purchased!


Content copyright  2014-20 by R. Sutherland, Take A Bow Productions Ltd © All rights reserved.




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