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There Are Lots Of Great Parts For Boys And Girls


Encourage and identify your Gifted And Talented Students in auditions for:


  • Lead acting roles                 (5 girls+4 boys)

  • Special Choir-Musicians*  (8+optional)          

  • Special Dancers*                 (6-10 girls/boys optional)

  • Roles (names) can be amended for all boys/girls schools!

  • Small schools can cast smaller groups, and actors can do duplicate roles. Examples available on request.


(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

 Cast and Roles: "History Rocks!"  



Massive Sale

*Great Prices!

(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

The whole cast(60-130) gets to sing, dance and act!

There are plenty of great non-speaking acting roles, which are great for those who missed out on a lead role.                                            

  • All students act, sing and dance in their class songs.

  • Tiana's mum has one line.

  • Fast paced acting including: A chef, beggar, police man, FBI agents, Maggie, person asleep, weather man, the 'kid', gambler and many more.

  • Rock and roll band members (4 each) for various bands, including CLASSIC ROCK, GLAM ROCK, HEAVY METAL, DISCO, MODERN POP.

  • The Y.M.C.A characters.

  • Holding up props for different songs.

Sara, Audience, Age 6, New Zealand 

"It was the best show I ever saw, I loved it because it had cool songs. I loved the dancing too."


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