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There Are Lots Of Great Parts For Boys And Girls.


Encourage and identify your Gifted And Talented Students in auditions for:


  • Lead acting roles          (4 girls/7 boys)                                                     

  • Special Choir                 (8 +)          

  • Special Dancers            (6-10 girls)

  • Dub Step Warriors       (8-12 boys, choreographed sword fighting)

  • Roles can be amended for all boys/girls schools!

  • Small schools can cast smaller groups, and actors can do duplicate roles. Examples available on request.


(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

Massive Sale

*Great Prices!

 Cast and Roles: "Where Are You Saint Patrick?"  



(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

The whole cast gets to sing, dance and act! 


There are plenty of great non-speaking acting roles:                                            

  • Celtic King Milliuc

  • Jesus & The Disciples (Bible Scene)

  • Three Miracles

  • Roman: Servants, Slaves, Soldiers

  • Bishops

  • Irish Slave Traders

  • Druid Priests

  • Pagan Worshipers

  • Christians

  • Monks

  • Celtic Soldiers

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