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Testimonials : "Mindcraft The Musical"  



Kirsty Cathcart - (Leader of Learning Yr 5-6, Woodstock School N.Z)

"Mindcraft the Musical offers a great script with modern songs and cyber safety themes, which directly relates to the lives of the children. The students thoroughly enjoyed the story line and characters. Gran's character was very funny and a hit with the audience! The children knew a lot about 'Minecraft' so were able to take real ownership and become the experts when designing the set and costumes."


Mindcraft The Musical cast - Woodstock S

Reece Williams (Assistant Principal - Spotswood Primary School N.Z)

"We are thrilled with how well it went, 'Mindcraft The Musical' was our 4th musical, and we definitely feel that our students were incredibly engaged because of the script, and the relevance of the songs. There were high levels of engagement throughout, so thank you very much!"


Aimee Elliott - (Director/Teacher - Broadlands Primary School. N.Z)  

"Mindcraft The Musical is an amazing script and the characters and story are very cool indeed. The podcast of the script is fantastic and the free timesavers make rehearsals much easier. I'm really excited about directing this amazing production, and the student's love this funny play, thanks!" 


Other New Zealand teachers have commented ... 

"This play is exactly what we have been looking for!" 

"We love the anti-bullying themes and cool tunes."

"Kids love the Minecraft characters in this play."


We look forward to posting more feedback and sharing photos of this hit show. Please let us know what you think of our Digital School Production:

*Director and Cast scripts

*Free 'Teachers Tips Tricks & Timesavers' booklet

*Free private links to our timesaving YouTube channel with podcasts of the script, Mindcraft Themed projection videos of suggested songs for rehearsals.

*Scenery, props, set, costume and choreography ideas

*Value for money email special offers.

*We would love to share your schools ideas with other schools staging this show.


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