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Cherylene Neels-Associate Principal, New Zealand 

"Thanks so much for your wonderful production 'History Rocks!', it engaged the students right from day 1, and they learnt a lot about music. The anti bullying message was very apt too. our parents 'LOVED' it and we even had them up and dancing in the isles. 


Testimonials : "History Rocks!"  



Alaina, Student, Age 8,

New Zealand

"It was awesome, we got to hear what rock 'n' roll music sounded like and dance to it. I was the lead singer for KISS, and it was cool having our faces painted."


 Christine Axtens, Parent,

New Zealand 

"The songs are well known to the audience and great to sing along to. The themes in the play are relevant to what children experience in life today."


Donna Northcroft, Teacher,  

New Zealand 

"It was very easy to organise and perform, lot's of fun! It provided a perfect opportunity for parents and students to discuss their taste in music, and how music has evolved through time. It really advocated for difference, with themes of loss, bullying and frienship. We are all unique and that's ok."


Marnel van der Spuy, Assistant Principal,  New Zealand 

"I would recommend the play to other schools because it is well written, with a great story line and songs. I love the 80's bits."


Kate, Parent, New Zealand

"It was awesome, amazing, fantastic! It was a very exciting production with the whole school involved. It had full audience participation as all ages could relate to the music."


Robbie, Student, Age 8,

New Zealand

"I loved the music it was like a rock band was infront of me. Rock is cool!"


 Daniel, Student, Age 7,

New Zealand 

"The show was awesome because it has cool songs. I loved it when the bully spray painted the wall."


Graeme Taylor, Principal, 

New Zealand 

"This show brings together an entire school community, in a celebration of the history of rock that the whole school can relate to. It's a performing arts extravaganza of music, dance and drama, which is highly creative, visual and audience engaging."


Helen Wilson, Journalist, Review: Greymouth Star. N.Z  Newspaper

"... I loved the school room scenes, where the students ably distracted the teacher, by getting him to tell stories close to his heart ... it had me singing and tapping my feet, and laughing during the classroom scenes ... I left singing and dancing!"

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