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Digital Production Package Information :  

"Where Are You Saint Patrick?"


This fantastic school production package is much more than your usual script and songs. We are excited to offer schools and organisations the following useful tools to make your next production even easier. Your "Where Are You Saint Patrick?" digital production package contains:


1. PDF ‘Director and Teacher's Detailed Script’

(With tried and tested curtain/ music/ stage/ scene/ acting cues/ projection  information)


2. PDF ‘Cast Script’ 

(Easy to follow script with helpful directions) 


3. 'FREE PDF 'Teacher’s Tips, Tricks and Timesavers' booklet 

(This free digital booklet contains lots of goodies for directors and teachers and includes: Fundraising ideas, a detailed production timetable, director's notes, using technology safely, song/dance/acting notes, music director's notes, easy iTunes suggested playlist, producer's notes, choreographer's detailed notes to go with the Private YouTube production example of “Where Are You Saint Patrick?”. Dance examples, cross curricular learning activities linked to the time of Saint Patrick, stage manager notes and cues, recommended scenery and props, costume manager notes linked to scenes, curtain cues, *optional scene 9 script.)

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(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

4. ‘FREE PDF's of the 'Extra Helpful Production Documents

FREE documents for ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Apple’ users:

  • PDF introducing “Where Are You Saint Patrick?” to staff

  • PDF Advert

  • PowerPoint/Keynote projector slides (performance night)

  • PowerPoint/Keynote photos for costume, props, scenery and make-up

  • Production timeline example, stage manager, costume manager, curtain cues and projector information

  • Production programme ready to amend

  • *Optional Scene 9 script (to include the cultural diversity of your Christian community) can be amended or deleted

  • Sample class list by age and roles

  • Rehearsal timetable template

  • Sample production/audition poster, tickets, thank you cards


5. Suggested Performance and Rehearsal Songs

The fantastic soundtrack and songs for this show include artists from COLDPLAY, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, CHRISTINA PERRI, NERO, ENYA and more. The full song list is available to be purchase separately from iTunes and is listed in the production package. Simply order your suggested songs from iTunes, make your playlsit and away you go! All instructions inlcuded.


(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

Massive Sale

Great Prices!

Save 50% 

Massive Sale

Great Prices!

Save 50% 

This unique digital production package is now at a 'give away price' and will save you time and energy on your journey to showcase your amazing students through the Arts. This production will inspire their love of acting, singing and dancing and renew their love for our amazing Saint Patrick! Finally, thank you dearest Saint Patrick, for gently guiding me to find the right words, to glorify God through your example.

Content copyright  2014-20 by R. Sutherland, Take A Bow Productions Ltd © All rights reserved.




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