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Synopsis: "History Rocks!" 

"School can be tough for anyone, especially if you sing old rock songs to yourself and get picked on! Meet Jack and his classmates as they take you on a trip of rock 'n' roll through the decades. Meet Jack's teacher Mr. Parsley, and his love of 'old school' music, and his disdain for modern technology. Will Jack get bullied at the schol disco, or will he be brave enough to steal the show? " Copyright R. Sutherland 2012 

 Script Details:  



(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,
(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,
A Unique Digital Production Package:
Specially designed to be teacher friendly and suitable for all  schools (non religious).


Ages: 5-12 or 13-17 

Length: 64 minutes 

Cast Size: 80 - 160 

*Can easily be amended for smaller schools.


The 'History Rocks!' production package is a unique product. 


"It brings together an entire school community, in a celebration of the history of rock that the whole school can relate to. It's a performing arts extravaganza of music, dance and drama, which is highly creative, visual and audience engaging."

(Principal Graeme Taylor, New Zealand.)


'History Rocks' was inspired by my own love of quality 'old school' music, and through teaching music history lessons. My students really enjoyed learning about where modern music has it's roots and how music evolved over time and linked to social changes. These include the 'Vietnam war' and 'equal rights' movements. 


The story centres around the very real themes of bullying and loss, set against great friendship and the importance of self-confidence. The story is carefully woven into some of the greatest tunes of the last 60 years, which bring together parents and students as they learn and sing along to the classics. 


"My boys would come home singing the songs and we could sing along with them!" (Parent, board of trustees.)


Teachers and students love the "stunning choreography", which is free to use and amend. Students love making up their own dance routines and copying from examples on YouTube. Our YouTube example of the show is a great timesaver, and the free 'Teachers' Tips, Tricks and Timesavers' booklet has lots of handy hints and short cuts, to make life a little easier. 

"I loved the schoolroom scenes, where the students ably distracted the teacher, by getting him to tell stories close to his heart ... it had me singing and tapping my feet, and laughing during the classroom scenes ... I left singing and dancing!"

(Helen Wilson, Journalist Review: Greymouth Star)



Content copyright 2014-20 by R. Sutherland, Take A Bow Productions Ltd © All rights reserved.




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