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Synopsis: "Where Are You Saint Patrick?" 

"Come with us on a spiritual journey back to Celtic Ireland and Roman Britain. Re-discover the epic life and transformation of Saint Patrick from boy to man, riches to rags, freedom to slavery, darkness to God's Light. Join our family as they hastily prepare for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. They have the banner, the balloons, the food and drink, but something is missing." Copyright R. Sutherland 2013

 Script Details:  



(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,

Massive Sale

*Great Prices!

(School Production, School Musical, Catholic,
A Unique Digital Production Package:
Specially designed for Saint Patrick's and Christian Schools


Ages: 7-12 or 13-18 

Length: 100 minutes 

Cast Size: 90-160 *(Can easily be amended for smaller schools)

Optional Scene: *(Celebrate your communities' cultural diversity    

through song, dance or prayer)


The 'Where Are You Saint Patrick?' digital production package is a unique product, which allows schools and organisations to re-kindle their love for Saint Patrick, through a celebration and expression of the Arts. This script was specially written for schools to inspire and develop a relationship with Patrick the man, using carefully selected music, beautiful choreography, acting and singing, that will make audiences laugh and cry. 

The script tells the story of Saint Patrick through the eyes of a modern family who are discovering what he was all about, while busily getting ready for a Saint Patrick's day party. The family scenes cut back in time, to Patrick's amazing life. We are taken on a journey that is relevant to our stressful modern lives, and helps us remember Saint Patrick's message. We are reminded of the real relevance of his Feast Day, which is widely celebrated across the world. 

Using Saint Patrick's Own Words


During my research I read many books about the life and legend of Saint Patrick. On a trip to Dublin cathedral I stumbled across 'St. Patrick: The Real Story, As Told In His Own Words' (by Jim McCormack CM, 2008, The Columba Press Dublin). I was inspired by the two documents the book contains: 'Confessio' (Confession)  and 'Letter To Coroticus', which were written in Latin by Patrick, and his words have been passed down to us.


I have attempted to stay as close to the truth of who Patrick really was in the script 'Where Are You Saint Patrick?', by using Patrick's own words and recollections, to showcase his outstanding trials and achievements. It is difficult to separate the man from the myth, but I have attempted to use only information that has widely been acknowledged as being his own words. Patrick's own humility and faith in God are captured in his words: 


"If what I have accomplished in life has been pleasing to God, in even a slight way, then let no one attribute this to me in my ignorance. On the contrary, let them be in no doubt that it was all simply due to the grace of God. And this is my confession (Will and Testament) before I die.

(Pg 42: St. Patrick: The Real Story: 2008)

Dedicated to..

My parents Edward and Celia Murphy, who were shining examples of God's love and hope. My mother Celia was a teacher who had a deep interest in all things historical, and my father Edward, was a secondary music teacher who wrote and produced school plays. I thank them for my love of history, my musical gifts and faith. Thank you for encouraging me to use my gifts. 

Content copyright 2014-20 by R. Sutherland, Take A Bow Productions Ltd © All rights reserved.




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