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"Where Are You Saint Patrick?"© 2013

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By Rachel Sutherland


Hi, and thank you for visiting our website. 'Take A Bow Productions Ltd'. We pride ourselves on offering schools 'unique' and 'unforgettable' school production 'extravaganzas!' We aim for customer service excellence and are happy to assist you with any queries. We are proud to provide your school or college with a 'fantastic' school production, at great value, which your students and community will be raving about for years to come. The plays are written by a teacher, director and musician, for students to enjoy, and include clean lyrics, unlimited photocopying, free DVD examples of the show ('History Rocks!' & 'Where Are You St. Patrick?') or a Podcast of the scenes ('Mindcraft The Musical') a 'Teacher's Tips, Tricks and Timesavers' booklet, with handy suggestions, directions, shortcuts and timesaving examples from the writer and director, and much more.

Please click below to find out more about our funny, moving, foot tapping plays, with great themes around virtues, cyber safety, friendship, anti-bullying, self-confidence...

All Schools - Virtues themes & no religious themes 

 "Mindcraft The Musical'  100 mins (Version 1 )

  "History Rocks!"  64 mins 

Christian Schools - Virtues & some religious themes

"Mindcraft The Musical'  100 mins (Version 2 )

 "Where Are You Saint Patrick?" 100 mins

 *"Easter Mystery Un-shrouded"   Full Play 90 mins & Short Play 40 mins - (Coming Soon)

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"History Rocks!"

All Schools - 64 mins

   "School can be tough for anyone, especially if you sing old rock songs to yourself and get picked on! Meet Jack and his classmates as they take you on a trip of rock 'n' roll through the decades. 

   Meet Jack's teacher Mr. Parsley, and his love of 'old school' music, and his disdain for modern technology. Will Jack get bullied at the school disco or will he be brave enough to steal the show?"

Copyright 2012. R. Sutherland. All rights reserved. (Non -religious themes.)

'Mindcraft The Musical'

All Schools - 100 mins

"We are thrilled with how well it went, 'Mindcraft The Musical' was our 4th musical, and we definitely feel that our students were incredibly engaged because of the script, and the relevance of the songs. There were high levels of engagement throughout, so thank you very much." Reece Williams (Principal - Spotswood Primary School - October 2017)

'Mindcraft The Musical' 

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    "Journey with our modern family and the dog, on their hilarious and emotional adventure being sucked into the cyber world of 'Minecraft'. Watch their stunning battle with barbarous baddies to save their children from the digital dangers of the Ender Dragon, to break from his empty promises and crafty mind control tricks. 


 Will the family have the will power and virtues to wake up from the Ender Dragon's hypnotic powers of online addiction and harmful media messages, in time to escape their digital dungeon, mend broken relationships, and find hope and happiness back in reality?" Copyright 2017. R. Sutherland. All rights reserved.

There are 2 versions of the same great story to choose from:

  • Version 1, (All Schools) Non religious, virtues & cyber safety themes.

  • Version 2, (Christian Schools)    Virtues, cyber safety and some religious themes.

"Where Are You

Saint Patrick?"

Christian Schools - 100 mins

    "Come with us on a journey back to Celtic Ireland and Roman Britain. Re-discover the epic life and transformation of Saint Patrick from boy to man, riches to rags, freedom to slavery, darkness to God's light. 

       Join our family as they hastily prepare for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. They have the banner, the balloons, the food and drink...but something is missing."

Copyright 2013. R. Sutherland. All rights reserved. (Religious themes.)

'Easter Mystery


Christian Schools  

Pack includes  both: 

‘Easter Mystery Un-shrouded’

Full play

(90 mins Age 7-17)

‘Easter Mystery Passion Play’  

& Short play

(40 mins Age 7-17)


Full Play: ‘Easter Mystery Un-shrouded’, 100 mins. (For: Full school play, assembly, class play, Easter festival).

The Family scenes, are interwoven with the moving Easter songs and Easter passion scenes with narration.

'The family are on a mission to explain the mysterious 'Shroud of Turin' image', before the art presentation deadline. Can they answer answer 'who made the image, and how was it made?' It is either a middle age art forgery, or it the actual burial cloth of Jesus. Enjoy their new enthusiasm for the gospel and see if their CSI style investigation of the burial shroud, sheds light on the real meaning of Easter, and what it means for them today.'  

See (Full Play) Synopsis below.

You will also receive: Director and cast scripts and lyrics, and a 'Teachers Tips Tricks and Timesavers' booklet, Free Learning activities, class discussions, research questions, findings, and information linked to the Easter message and the Shroud of Turin, websites, YouTube and research links.

The Production Pack also includes

Short Play: ‘Easter Mystery Passion Play’, 40 mins. (For: Short school play, assembly, class play, Easter services or festivals). This short play includes moving Easter songs and Easter passion scenes with thoughtful narration from the gospel. 

This moving passion play comes to life with the beautiful music, dance and drama, leading us through Jesus' betrayal, trial and death, to His glorious resurrection and triumph over sin.

(Director and cast script and lyrics, and a 'Teachers Tips Tricks and Timesavers' booklet). See Synopsis below.

See (Short Play) Synopsis below.

Original Songs, 'Easter Mystery Un-shrouded': Available soon on iTunes. (For: school play, assemblies, church services, class songs, Easter reflections) 

Short Play: 

‘Easter Mystery Passion Play’ 40 mins.

   "Re-discover the real meaning of Easter through the beautiful songs and moving bible scenes. We know there is more to life than the busy, material world we live in, so take a closer look at what life's real meaning is all about.

    Witness the example of Jesus, who is the King of Kings yet lived a humble life; was innocent, but treated as a criminal; all powerful, yet suffered humiliation and death to save us from sin.

   Feel the love and passion of Jesus Christ, as He willingly enters Jerusalem in His last week, is betrayed, mocked and  sentenced to death. Through Jesus' death and resurrection, we understand God's eternal love for us, sending us His only son, to 'overcome the world'.   

   This play is not just for Easter, it brings to life the greatest 'Good News' story ever told. Through the  powerful balance of narration, drama, dance and song, we learn that death is not the end, if we follow God's laws and are faithful. Through Jesus's promise of eternal life, we learn to be joyful, spread the gospel, and live by His timeless example of sacrifice, forgiveness and love." 


"I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me, though he dies, shall live."


Copyright 2019. R. Sutherland. All rights reserved. (Religious themes)  

Available 2020 pre-orders welcome.

Full Play: 

‘Easter Mystery Un-shrouded’ 90 mins.

   "Follow our family on their amazing journey to discover life's real meaning, as they re-connect with the Easter message. The moving songs and traditional Easter scenes are interwoven with the families’ new exciting project. They must decide if the mysterious image of a crucified man on the 'Shroud of Turin', is an art forgery or a 1st Century miracle, all before Monday's art presentation deadline. 

   The family are over confident yet stumble on the simple art questions, 'who made the image' and 'what is it made of'? Enjoy the family antics as they delve into a forensic science investigation, to explain the photographic image of the man, made with 'no traces of paint, ink, stain or brush strokes'. Discover with them, amazing new evidence, which questions the famous 'middle ages' carbon date, and now puts the fourteen foot burial cloth at around 2000 years old! 

   This play is not just for Easter, it brings to life the greatest 'Good News' story ever told, with it's powerful balance of real scientific evidence, art, history and faith. Does the most studied artefact in history, match the gospel both forensically and faithfully? Will it illuminate Jesus' timeless message of sacrifice, forgiveness and love?"

"Seek and you shall find"


Copyright 2019. R. Sutherland. All rights reserved. (Religious themes)  

Available 2020 pre-orders welcome.

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