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Amazing Low Price for 'History Rocks!' Production Package

The one off 'Copying License Fee' entitles you to:
  • Unlimited photocopying of the Master 'Cast' and 'Director's Script' for rehearsals
  • Copy the bonus free DVD for rehearsal purposes only
  • Copy and use the bonus free timesavers and documents provided (hard/electronic) 
  • Use the choreography examples and helpful admin provided in the production package

 Prices: "History Rocks!" Worldwide



Take A Bow Productions will donate $5.00 NZ, to 
'The Salvation Army'
with every production purchased!


* 50% Off: 60 Day Risk-Free Digital Trial 

Don't miss our 'Massive Sale' of 50% off the Copy Liscense Fee

Worldwide Prices
Scripts are currently available in English
Contact us for a quote for your country, for the amazing school production package:
"Where Are You Saint Patrick?" 
We will donate $10 NZ Dollars to 'World Vision' for every play purchased! 
Free Postage! Register Now!
75% off all purchases
Copying License Fee, plus free materials 
*Get a quote for your currency! 75% Off! Limited time 
No Postage fee Digital production pack
Songs are all available on iTunes for less than 36 NZD. **Get Quote
Royalties payable on gross ticket sales: 12%
Ticket sales are a great way for your school to fundraise.  You will only be invoiced for the above, after your last performance for the season, so lock in these great prices by ordering now! All shows require numbered tickets and gross door sales/donations recorded.
Charity performances, or gold coin donations get your flat fee quote
No royalties payable.
Pay nothing until after your final performance!
Get your quote for where you live, at our 'special give away' prices!
**iTunes prices correct at time of print

Massive Sale

*Great Prices!

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